Ingrown Toenails and what Dancers can do about them

Ingrown toenails distract dancers from their much-needed focus. In severe cases, the sharp pain from the swollen or bruised nail corners can be a nightmare. With the right information, you can reduce your risk of developing ingrown toenails and if they appear, you...

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What Dancers Should Know about Bunions

Bunions, the bone or tissue enlargement on the big toe can weaken a dancer’s performance by causing pain and discomfort while dancing. In this Q and A, I got Dr. Ernest L. Isaacson, an NYC based, board-certified podiatrist to answer some important questions about...

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An Interview with Multi-Faceted Artist, Nick Demos

A multi-faceted artist, Nick Demos embodies success in multiple arenas as a director, producer and writer as well as an all-around expert, teacher and coach in the realm of creativity. Starting his career as a dancer, he found his heart beat loudest off stage...

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19 Standard Rules of Dancer Etiquette

In dance, the need for physical grace is a given. But dancers should also demonstrate a different type of grace by knowing and honoring their dance schools rules of etiquette. Every dance school/company has its own set of rules and you should make it a point to be...

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Steps Dancers Can Take to Prevent Injury

Tututhepointe recently had the opportunity to chat with Julie O'Connell (PT, DPT, OCS, ATC). O’Connell is the Performing Arts Program Manager at Athletico Physical Therapy in Chicago, IL. We wanted to find out what steps dancers can take to prevent injuries as well...

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