Welcome to the launch of Tutu the Pointe!

Welcome to the launch of Tutu the Pointe!

I am so glad you stopped by to check out the brand new site.  I wanted to use this initial blog post as a way to introduce myself and this community to you.


First, a little about me: I grew up dancing. From the time I slipped on my first pair of ballet slippers at about age three, I knew the dance studio was my place.  Putting on my dance shoes and escaping from the rest of the world for an hour or two was always my favorite part of my week. Dance was definitely the place I felt most relaxed and most at home. My very first ballet teacher used to tell me that she always thought I would grow up to be a dance teacher. While that never came to be, dance has stayed a part of my life for decades.


I’ve been involved in community theatre (as a dancer and choreographer), owned by own dance boutique, written about dance for magazines, and even published coloring books about the art. This website is something I have thought about for a long time and I am so excited to finally bring Tutu the Pointe to life.

So what can you expect here?


In addition to providing unique, one-of-a-kind dance items, I also look forward to creating a community where dancers can come to hang out. Consider this your virtual dance studio.  The blog here will offer bite-size articles that will allow you to glean new information quickly. I’ll be posting about topics that are interesting and relevant to dancers.

Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what interests you and what you would like to see here on the site. I look forward to dancing with you. Thanks for checking out Tutu the Pointe!


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